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Amount Raised:$425.00
Number of Gifts:11
Total Recruited:45
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Welcome to Walmart/SAM'S Club's National Team

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Since 2007 Walmart and Sam’s Club Associates have been an integral part of the American Diabetes Association Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes. Every mile walked, hour volunteered and dollar raised supports the ADA's research, education and advocacy efforts to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. Join your Associates and Get Involved!

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If you have participated in Step Out event in previous years, or one of the other American Diabetes Association signature events, login with your old username and password prior to registering. (If you do not have/remember this information, click "Forgot Your Password?" above to have the information e-mailed to you.)

  • Store Champions or Team Captains:  Click “CREATE A NEW TEAM” above. Find your Step Out location, go to the event site and click "FORM A TEAM". Select Team Walmart/Sam's Club from the National Team pull-down menu.

  • Walkers: Click JOIN AN EXISTING TEAM above. Search for the team by team name or captain’s name and click JOIN TEAM.

Maximize your team's fundraising efforts

Utilize the Volunteerism Always Pays (VAP) and Event Volunteerism Always Pays (EVAP) Program . Grants range from $250‐$5,000 depending on the number of associates involved and hours participated.


Apply for VAP or EVAP grants - visit the Volunteerism webpage on the WIRE at Me@Walmart>Walmart Foundation>Volunteerism.  Applications can be submitted February 1 - December 31.  Please note: VAP and EVAP are two separate applications.
For more information about VAP/EVAP program-


If your location is unable to participate in an event, or there isn't an event scheduled close to you, there are other ways to get involved. Your location can contribute to ADA through your Associate Giving Program. For more information contact your Personnel Manager. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our customers, fellow associates and friends affected by type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Walker and Team Resources:

We are here to provide support! Please see our resources below for more information about preparing for the ride of a lifetime:

  • Support our Mission!  Read our Fundraising Guide for great ideas and best practices.
  • Get your Team Geared Up! Utilize our Team Captain Guide  for tips on what it takes to be a successful team, engage your team members and most importantly have fun)

Amount Raised:$425.00
Number of Gifts:11
Total Recruited:45
Top 10 Events
Event Name Gift Amount Members Recruited
2017 Step Out: Boston, MA



2017 Step Out: Frederick, MD



2017 Step Out: South Florida



2017 Step Out: Baltimore, MD



2017 Princeton Tour de Cure + Step Out Walk To Stop Diabetes



Top 10 Teams
Team Name Event Name Gift Amount Members Recruited
Sugar Crushers 2017 Step Out: Boston, MA



Sam's Club 6652 2017 Step Out: Frederick, MD



Creek#1916 2017 Step Out: South Florida



Top 10 Participants
Participant Name Event Name Gift Amount
Devon Signorine 2017 Step Out: Boston, MA


Dawn McLean 2017 Step Out: Boston, MA


sarah roderick 2017 Step Out: Frederick, MD


Bailey McLean 2017 Step Out: Boston, MA


Elizabeth Harris 2017 Step Out: South Florida


Marie Maskell 2017 Step Out: Boston, MA


Hollie Perez 2017 Step Out: Frederick, MD


Kevin Scott 2017 Step Out: Frederick, MD


Michael Kroon 2017 Step Out: Frederick, MD


Buzz Holsinger 2017 Step Out: Frederick, MD




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© American Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association is the nation's leading 501(C)3 nonprofit charity providing diabetes research, information and advocacy.

Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes takes place across the country and is the premiere walk event supporting all people living with diabetes. It’s your turn to join other passionate people and register today!

How to be a Virtual Walker?

It's easy!

  • Click on the "Register" button located within the top of this page,
  • Find the Step Out you’d like to participate in locally, and
  • At the beginning of registering choose the VIRTUAL WALKER registration option.

That's it!

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